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The article is penned by Matt Skrodzki. He is the Chief Technical Officer of NativeCoin. He has over 20 years of business leadership experience with Fortune 500 companies and has been in the cryptocurrency space for over 3 years.

As the NativeCoin team and our founder Andrew Ebona worked together with Tribal advisors, our goal was to provide Native American Tribes with an effective, all-in-one sovereign currency. 

NativeCoin will be used by Tribal businesses, enterprises, gaming, sports betting, and Tribal ecosystems worldwide to support daily financial transactions. There are over 560 Native American Tribes and 460 Native run casinos in the United States.  

NativeCoin will not only give Tribes but any person or business the ability to buy, sell, send, purchase, and exchange funds with the discretion and security of blockchain.

At the heart of NativeCoin is Andrew Ebona. Andrew is the founder and Tribal face of NativeCoin, and he is committed to bringing economic development opportunities, community support, and new business opportunities to Tribal members in the United States and around the world.


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Andrew currently serves on several National American Indian boards and is the sitting Treasurer for the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA). Previously, he was staff to four Alaska Governors, the former Executive Director of the National Congress of American Indians, and former Executive Director of the United Indian Planners Association. Andy brings years of Tribal governance knowledge and a Native perspective to the NativeCoin team.

His vision is for Tribes to be able to use NativeCoin as a vehicle to streamline integration with not only each individual Tribe’s businesses but also with other Tribes throughout North America. He also feels NativeCoin will be the conduit that many non-Native businesses have been looking for to easily access the Tribal business networks as it becomes basis of the Tribal financial ecosystem.

NativeCoin is designed to meet the transactional needs of all Tribal enterprises including but not exclusive to casinos, resorts, and betting operations in both brick-and-mortar locations as well as online gaming platforms and will integrate seamlessly with existing casino operations. As more and more Tribes work to develop shopping centers, amusement/recreation centers, and entertainment venues, the need for a sovereign, secure, and liquid currency rises.

Even though NativeCoin has all the necessary components to make widespread adoption an easy step for Tribes, it is not exclusively intended for Tribal use. NativeCoin can be used by private businesses for private transactions while still providing utility for Tribes in the United States and around the world.

In addition to its transaction utility, Native Coin has a humanitarian goal. Native Coin gives back to a Tribal non-profit entity that is dedicated to preserving Tribal culture, language, community, and traditions along with promoting education, health, and environmental issues. Native Coin is re-defining what cryptocurrency is and does. Like Bitcoin, Native Coin is the first of its kind because it is designed to support and be supported by Tribal enterprises around the world.

NativeCoin will soon also be traded on the P2PB2B cryptocurrency exchange (June 28th) and another top 20 exchange (early July).

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