Samsung Quietly Releases a Blockchain SDK for Dapp Creation

Samsung quietly released access to what they’re calling Samsung Blockchain that “helps developers to manage blockchain accounts easily.”

Simple enough. Sadly, the rest of the description is a bit more opaque.

“In addition, DApp does not need to make separate types of transaction that follows coin types by themselves anymore,” wrote Samsung. “The SDK offers a payment gateway for cryptocurrency remittance with its UI. To use this payment solution, DApp needs a keystore. With this, Samsung Blockchain SDK links users not only to the Samsung KeyStore but also to any external cold wallets as well.”

Access to the SDK is currently limited – users aren’t able to download the SDK directly but must request access – and it’s not clear when users will be able to experiment with the code let alone use it in production. Samsung also announced its own KeyStore, a device-based private key storage system within Samsung’s security layer, called Knox.

“To ensure complete security, the private key and information located in the Samsung Blockchain Keystore are never saved to a Samsung or external cloud, nor is it seen by the devices’ Android OS,” they wrote.


Samsung Quietly Releases a Blockchain SDK for Dapp Creation

As you see above, there is no clear way to access the files, even with a Samsung Developer account, and the Samsung developer blog hasn’t mentioned the SDK. We’ve reached out for further comment.

The company announced a number of blockchain-based initiatives over the past year including the launch of a crypto wallet in March and hints of a Dapp platform.

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