This Artist Explores the Art and Politics of Crypto Culture

According to the artist who calls himself Cryptograffiti, art could be a way to help the public to understand cryptocurrencies,

The San Francisco artist displayed his work at the event Bitcoin2019 where he talked to CoinDesk about the impact of art in the cryptocurrency space and his work in South America.

“I devoted my work to try to teach about this space so more people can understand it,” he said.

Cryptograffiti also wants to spread awareness about how cryptocurrencies can help with the current economic and social crisis in Venezuela.

“I wanted to learn more about the situation and ultimately help out,” he said.

The artist colaborated with projects aimed at bringing awareness to the Venezuelan situation. According to the artist, the experience was “eye-opening” and helped redefine his expectations around the impact of cryptocurrencies as a solution for the South American country.

“You hear the examples of people using it to flee and retain their savings but those are few and far between,” Cryptograffiti said “We are trying to have people come together and help out with refugees that are fleeing to Colombia.”




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