Buying Items and Services With Bitcoin: A Look at Crypto Asset Accepting Merchants in 2021

While the price of bitcoin and numerous cryptocurrencies have jumped in value, a great number of merchants have been willing to accept digital currencies for goods and services. These days a crypto proponent can buy literally anything with their crypto assets and some of these items are very unique and extraordinary.

Crypto Spenders Can Build a Dream Home or Acquire Luxury Vehicles

There’s an awful lot of things people can purchase in 2021 by using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, litecoin, and others for payment. Since prices have been bullish, there’s been even more cryptocurrency acceptance taking place and even Paypal supports crypto assets. The following post is a list of a great number of crypto accepting merchants and items you can purchase using digital currencies. Because there are thousands of items and services people can buy with crypto assets today.

For instance, bitcoin cash (BCH) supporters can leverage BCH to purchase a dream home in Antigua, by leveraging the local real estate firm Remax Antigua. But that’s not all, according to current data from, there’s a whopping 60 bitcoin cash (BCH) accepting merchants located on the island of Antigua.

Moreover, people can leverage the map on to find thousands of BCH accepting businesses all over the world. Cryptocurrency users can also find other areas in the world that are renting or selling apartments, villas, townhouses, flats, and more. Just in case the person wants to relocate to another area in the world, they can by using crypto assets for settlement.

Thousands of Crypto Accepting Merchants Worldwide

Crypto users can also purchase various forms of aircraft, trucks, and an assortment of luxury vehicles like a Bentley, Rolls-Royce, or a Bugatti. The Atlanta-based Bitpay also has an enormous list of digital currency accepting merchants that leverage the firm’s payment system. With Bitpay, users can spend stablecoins, bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), and ethereum (ETH).

The directory shows that people can spend crypto for gift cards at Amazon, Delta, Doordash, and Google Play. People can buy electronics from Newegg and jewelry and precious metals from Inverdiamond and Apmex. Moreover, Bitpay’s directory highlights things like entertainment and gaming that can be purchased from companies like Microsoft, Twitch, and Dish TV.

Digital currency spenders can also buy clothes with crypto assets like hats, scarves, sweaters, jackets, and more. As of July 2020, over 2,500 Austrian merchants can accept cryptocurrency payments via the payment processor Salamantex. Digital currency supporters can further leverage to get up to 20%+ discounts on Amazon by shopping with BTC or BCH. Hundreds of businesses worldwide accept crypto assets through the payment gateway Today, people can purchase a wristwatch crafted by luxury watchmaker Franck Muller with crypto.

From dresses, scooters, earrings, coffee (espresso), wine, soda, beer, energy drinks, and alkaline water, you can buy literally anything with cryptocurrencies. It’s likely that as crypto-assets continue to grow in value, the acceptance of such assets will swell as well.

What do you think about all the items you can purchase with crypto assets in 2021? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.


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