F2Pool Creator Claims ‘Shutdown Price’ of Antminer S9 Has Dropped to $3260 Following Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Plummets

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty found its next largest decline on record on December 3, that compels Bitcoin mining breakeven cost reduced and brings a little aid to the distress crypto miners.

Information from important Chinese mining pool BTC.com reveals that a 15.13 percent decrease in bitcoin’s mining issue. Mining issue is described as a measure of how tough it is for miners to create a new block, also Bitcoin’s hashing difficulty algorithm is generally adjusted every 2 weeks to keep the typical 10-minute block time.

The sharp fall in mining difficulty makes it simpler to mine the planet’s top cryptocurrency and a few miners who suffer inferior or no elevation amid reduced bitcoin costs restart their operations.

Mao Shixing, creator of F2pool, the world’s fourth biggest bitcoin mining pool, stated on Weibo on November 4 which bitcoin’s mining difficulty was adjusted by 15 percent on Monday, the largest fall since the launching of ASIC miners at 2013. Miners could thankfully restart their airways.

As stated by the infographic, if mining springs operate in an average energy cost of 0.4 yuan each kWh and Bitcoin cost drops under 22,438 yuan (roughly $3,260), this might indicate mining BTC to a Antminer S9 will be unprofitable.

Mao stated in a recent interview which over 800,000 miners have closed down their operations because the beginning of the mid-November cost dip.

Information from BTC.com also suggests the next difficulty modification that will happen in 12 times is forecast to find another 16 percent decrease. However, some analysts believe the figure isn’t true, and the difficulty increases if a high number of mining machinery restart operations.

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